Vertical Integrated Applications
Vertical Integrated Applications

Since 1985 ...
VIA has provided the solutions necessary to keep our customer’s systems running. We are not just consultants, we are not just resellers, and we are not just software developers; we are a Total Systems Provider.

Our goals are to provide you with ...

Reliable systems that meet your needs and will grow with your organization.
Management services that are not only reliable but also affordable.
Excellent service, 24/7/365.

We focus ...
Not only on maintaining your key servers, but rather your entire system of computers. Think of this as the holistic approach to IT management. If you need a help desk staff, we can provide it for you - off site and at a lower cost; if you need advanced management solutions, we can provide them; if you need basic PC support, we are the people to call; if you need network design management and maintenance, we are the company that will show up at 3:00 a.m. and have you up and running by 4; if you need a scalable, long-term growth plan with an eye towards the future, we have it.

Vertical Integrated Applications